The Notification of Incorporation







The Notification of Incorporation and the Business Registration

In general, in case where the notification of incorporation and the business registration are filed at the same time, such notification and registration are made in one application at the competent Tax Office.

1. Notification/registration place: The competent Tax Office which has jurisdiction over the company headquarter

2.Notification/registration period:

1) Business registration: Within 20 days from the business commencement
2) Notification of incorporation: Within 30 days from the date on which incorporation registration has been made

3.Required documents:

1) Application form (provided);
2) Articles of incorporation;
3) Transcript of company registration;
4) List of shareholders and investors;
5) Copy of FDI notification;
6) Certificate of foreign currency exchange;
7) Copy of business permit (If the business requires a permission from the government authority);
8) Certificate of foreigner registration (Where a representative of company is not a resident of Korea);
8) Documents verifying the lessee’s identification (i.e., name, resident registration number(individual) / business registration number (corporation), amount of deposit, and rent);